You decide. What’s your safe sex strategy?

Safe sex and HIV prevention means a lot more than just condom use.


Using a condom with lubricant in anal sex is an effective way of preventing HIV transmission and it’s the only way of protecting yourself against other STIs.


PrEP means Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis so it’s a medication that can prevent HIV if used regularly. PrEP is not yet easily available in Finland and it’s use means regular medical monitoring and blood tests. You can read more about PrEP here.


An HIV positive person who’s on medication and has undetectable viral load is a safe sex partner as far as HIV is considered.

It also depends on the situation and each partner which safe sex strategy you decide to use. It’s also important to discuss different options and risks with your partner and especially to respect each other’s choices.

Test often – Treat early – Know your status.