STI testing and PrEP services at Hivpoint


Hello I wish to do hiv test and STD’s it possible to do it without revealing my identity?I also will want prep prescriptions. Let me know please Thanks

Hivpoint has Checkpoint Express -clinic STI testing service once a month in Helsinki. Due to corona, clients has to book a time slot for testing. You can see next testing, more info and how to book time from our clinic webpage: STI testing in Finland can't be anonymous. We need clients information for privat secured laboratory system. All information is confidential. Only HIV rapid testing is anonymous. You can book time for HIV rapid test from our counselling line p. 0207 465 705 or chat: (At STI testing clinic we also test HIV, but it's not rapid test and not anonymous) Hivpoint does not write prescriptions for PrEP, but it's possible to get referral to HUS - STI clinic at Helsinki. Client has to live at Helsinki area and have KELA-card. Queue is quite long for PrEP treatments at the moment. There is also option to get PrEP from privat doctors, but then client pays doctor fee by himself. Checkpoint Express -clinic can help to get all tests free for PrEP. If you need more info for PrEP, you can send e-mail: prep(at)

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