HIV positive partner


Hello! I’ve been chatting with this guy on Grindr and I want to meet him. He’s HIV positive and he tells me that he’s on HIV treatment and has undetectable viral load. He has been on medication for more than 4 years. He says that it doesn’t transmit even through unprotected sex but we have discussed about using a condom. I’m still a bit worried. What if the condom breaks or something? How about oral sex? Is it safe to have sex with this guy or would you maybe recommend not to get together with him at all?

Hi! What he told you about HIV is correct – it doesn’t transmit when the person is on HIV treatment and the viral load is undetectable. Still using a condom (and lube!) is a good idea because HIV treatment doesn’t protect you from other STI’s such as chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis. They can transmit also through oral sex.

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