Bleeding in the anal area


Hi,In December 2019, I was diagnosed with HPV in the anal area, in form of anal warts. I took medication and then checked with the doctor in the student clinic, it was cleared. I did not have anal sex since that time. Now, I am bleeding from the anal and I am afraid if I have an HPV outbreak, even without having sex.Can you advice me on which STD clinics in Oulu that I should visit? Also what is the address?Thank you.

Hello! It is good to show your symptoms to a doctor. There is an STI clinic in Oulu. Please check the info below. Phone number: 08 315 3508, Opening hours: mon-thu 7.45–15.00, Fri 7.45–14.00 Address: Oulun yliopistollinen sairaala Kajaanintie 50 90220 Oulu A3:2-door 1. floor

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