Other places

Other places where you can get tested for HIV and other STI’s

  • Local health centers
  • Regional hospitals’ departments of venereology
  • Student Health Services YTHS: yths.fi
  • Finnish Red Cross’s Pluspoints: redcross.fi (only HIV testing)
  • Checkpoint Express Clinic in Helsinki

In addition you can also get tested at a private clinic where the service is liable to a charge.

If you suspect that you have contracted some other sexually transmitted disease or you have symptoms, you should contact your local outpatient clinic for sexually transmitted diseases or healthcare clinic. Advisory services and tests are also available at students’ healthcare clinics and private healthcare clinics.

A regular STI testing is recommended for everyone who has several partners and oral or anal sex without condom. When tested for STIs it’s important to tell what kind of sex you’ve had so that the tests are taken correctly. The tests aren’t always blood tests or urine samples, they can also be swab samples from the urethra, throat or anus.