PrEP to Finland during Spring 2019, for real!


PrEP to Finland during Spring 2019, for real!

There was a big annual HIV conference at end of January in Helsinki. Conference was targeted to doctors nurses and other professionals who work with HIV and sexual health issues.

One of the most important subjects at the conference was PrEP. What is going on with PrEP in Finland at the moment? Once again there was info that PrEP has proven to be very effective to prevent HIV and it’s recommended for sexually active gay and bi men who are not (always) using condoms when having anal sex.

National PrEP guidelines are almost ready. Guidelines will be published during spring 2019 by National Institute for Health and Welfare.

The biggest challenge for implementing prep to Finland is the high cost of original medicine used for PrEP. The patent issue is at supreme court at the moment. There is also other negotiations going on with medical companies to get reasonable prized PrEP for Finnish market.

There are initial plans to get PrEP treatment (start and 3 month follow-ups) under public health care. The plans will become more precise in few weeks.

Updated info will be at

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