The amount of PrEP users in Finland is growing!


The amount of PrEP users in Finland is growing!

Public health care is starting PrEP treatments and affordable PrEP medicine is available now!

The price for PrEP medicine in Finnish pharmacies is now 75 euros for 30 tablets. It is getting more affordable, but it is still more expensive than in many European countries: for example, in Sweden and in Germany you can get 30 tablets for 15-50 euros. If the Finnish price is too high for you ask your doctor to write you an EU prescription – with that you can pick up your PrEP medicine in any European pharmacy (that has PrEP medicine in stock) and countries you can even order PrEP from reliable internet based pharmacy’s.

The Helsinki University Hospital (HUS) is starting to give PrEP treatments at the Venereal Diseases Outpatient Clinic (Sukupuolitautien poliklinikka). The treatment is free at the public health care (for people who are under the national Finnish heath care insurance), but the patient must pay the full amount for the medicine.

People who are at high risk of getting HIV (sex without a condom with several partners) can now get a referral to the Venereal Diseases Outpatient Clinic for PrEP evaluation from Hivpoint. PrEP is relatively new matter in Finnish health care so it’s good to be prepared that it will take some time to get the doctors appointment. The practices concerning PrEP in other areas than Helsinki are under development at the time being.

Hivpoint is advocating at various Pride events around the country for PrEP to be accessible and affordable for all people who need it.

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