Info during the corona situation

Info during the corona situation

HIV testing and Hivpoints services

All Hivpoint’s hiv testing and other face-to-face services are cancelled for the time being. You can still reach us via phone or chat. Read more about our services during the state of emergency:

If you need to get HIV tested during this corona situation, please contact our counseling services and we can discuss your choices to get tested (for example how to get free HIV self-testing kit). Hivpoint counceling line: 0207 465 705 (Mon -Thu from 10am to 3.30pm), Hivpoint chat: (Mon – Wed from 10am to 3.30pm) chat (Wed 1pm to 3pm, chat can be open also other days) or sending e-mail: prep(at) (we also answer other HIV related issues than PrEP from that e-mail)

STI Testing

Checkpoint Express clinic is also cancelled. STI testing for people that don’t show symptoms is also reduced at the public health care. There are also changes to drop-in services for instance you might have to call before entering the service. You should check the instructions from the services website.

The Veneer diseases outpatient clinic in Helsinki
Office p. 09 471 86220 mon-fri 8am to 10am and 12pm to 2pm.

Hepatitis A and B vaccines

We also cancelled giving A and B hepatitis vaccines. If you are in the middle of vaccine series it is okay to continue it when we are open again. You don’t have to start the series from the beginning even if there is longer time between the vaccines than planned. If you have had only the firs vaccine the protection can vanish after a few months but will come back when vaccine series is continued.

Follow our website ( We will update information when we know the dates that our services open again. Depending on the circumstances it is possible that we start the service so that you need to book an appointment to get the vaccine.

PrEP & Coronavirus

We have collected some data about coronavirus and Prep:

Please be aware that PrEP doesn’t treat coronavirus or give protection against it!

HIV & Coronavirus

Information about HIV and Coronavirus:

What is physical distancing?

Physical distancing is about stopping the spread of COVID-19. It is often called social distancing – but it’s better use the term physical distancing because we know it’s important to maintain social links.

Physical distancing means
  • Avoiding contact with someone who is displaying symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19). These symptoms include high temperature and/or new and continuous cough.
  • Avoid contact with someone who has travelled and returned to Finland within 14 days.
  • Avoiding non-essential use of public transport, varying your travel times to avoid rush hour when possible.
  • Working from home, where possible. Your employer should support you to do this.
  • Avoiding large gatherings, and gatherings in small public spaces such as pubs, cinemas, restaurants, bars and clubs (Finland will close all restaurants, pubs etc.)
  • Avoiding gatherings with friends and family. Keep in touch using remote technology such as phone, internet, and social media.
  • Avoiding random and casual sex hookups. Also avoiding video places, gay saunas ets.
  • Using telephone or online services to contact your GP, other essential services and your friends & family.