Proud role models advocating for better sexual health

22.06.2020, by Miesten Kesken

Proud role models advocating for better sexual health

During the traditional Helsinki Pride week Hivpoint’s “Proud Role Model” article series introduces five amazing role models for sexual health. They have all actively and fiercely promoted equality and sexual rights and have given voice to many unspoken topics. During the next five days you will have the honor to get to know them and their stories.

The Helsinki Pride theme this year is Role Models. This is how The Helsinki Pride community introduces the topic of role models on their website.

” Who inspires us? Who makes us feel that we’re not alone and that we have a place in this world?

In 2020 we want to celebrate role models!  Those who have paved the way for us and used their position to help others. Those who help us carry on during difficult times. Those who give joy, courage and hope.

Role models help by being who they are. They carry the responsibility, speak out and take the risk that comes along with living by you own standards.”

At Hivpoint we work with sexual health. For us it is important to dismantle hetero and gender normativity in our society, so that all sexualities and genders would be treated equally and so that everyone can freely express their sexuality and gender. We also demand that everybody has the right to receive high quality sexuality education that is based on their individual needs.

To achieve highest possible sexual wellbeing, it’s significant to have role models that help you reflect on your sexuality. Role models diminish the shame often linked to sex and sexuality and show people that it’s possible to live life the way one chooses, regardless of what other people or society expects.

The Proud Role Model article series gives insight to five role models who have bravely spoken out about sexuality and by doing so brought joy, comfort and hope to many. In addition, they have shared important information about how to enjoy sex in a safe way.

First, we introduce Hivpoint’s own Sami who has made significant efforts in making PrEP available in Finland. Next we have Fahady who has brought important information about sexual health to migrants and refugees in Finland. After that we introduce you to Havu who has a special place in the hearts of trans youth. Then you will get to know Tom who thinks fetishes are nothing to be ashamed of. Last but not least, we bring you Risto, an active pensioner who is relentlessly building a better future for elderly people living with HIV.

Have an amazing week!




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