U=U is short for undetectable equals untransmittable. Basically, it means that HIV does not transmit when a person is on effective medication. U=U is a global campaign driven by people who work around HIV and human rights activists. Reducing stigma is at the core of the campaign.

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You decide. What’s your safe sex strategy?

Condoms, PrEP, hiv+medication. Meet Antti, Pekka and Timo. They all enjoy having sex and want to do it safely. They all have a safe sex strategy of their own.

Watch the video and find out more!

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How to get tested?

No matter which safe sex strategy you use, it’s important to remember to get tested for STIs.

You can get tested for HIV in our Checkpoint services and for HIV and other STIs through your local health centre, occupational or student health care and the clinic for venereal diseases and also in Checkpoint Express Clinic


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Merry Christmas to all!


Our staff wishes everybody Merry Christmas and happy New Year. Thank you for year 2019!…


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